Noah has been approached by many big brands in the past years for his unique story, motivation and appearance which he carries with pride. He has done several campaigns and photoshoots, one of which is for the brand Nike. This campaign displayed Noahs pictures in their clothing throughout all the nike stores of Europe.

Levi’s launched the Red Tab Sweats collection, a range of comfortable and colorful sweaters and sweatpants. To celebrate this launch, they are organized a video and photo production and have partnered with VICE BENELUX. They wanted to collaborate with Noah and create a short documentary capturing a day in his life, showcasing how he wears the Levi’s sweatsuit in various ways throughout his day. The production took place in Noah’s own living environment, incorporating his personal story. The shooting locations were meaningful for Noah that hold significance to him. The objective was to demonstrate the versatility and comfort of the sweatsuit. Noah was also interviewed for an article in VICE Benelux.

One of the most essential ways of improving a team dynamic is by establishing a diverse and inclusive environment. In partnership with VICE, we asked four different people to share their own unique stories and perspectives when it comes to diversity and inclusivity in team environments. In 2017, Noah Mbuyamba lost one of his legs in a scooter accident. His lifelong dream of being a pro footballer may have come to an end, but his teammates remained by his side. Learn more about Philips’ efforts to create a diverse and inclusive work environment for everyone.